As we quickly approach the start of school (say it ain’t so!) you may have begun planning for the work you’ll be doing in local schools and parent groups. Part of that planning may include trainings, either for parents, students or other community groups. If so, we have good news for you in today’s blog!. We’re setting you up with our 3 best tips for utilizing our Pursuing Wellness content in your community. But before we get to those, what in the world is Pursuing Wellness? Well, you may have seen them before so you can skip to the good stuff below if that’s the case, but if you’re new here, let us explain. The Pursuing Wellness Series is a set of trainings we developed in early 2020. They include a Middle School, a High School and a Parent component that can be used within local schools and community organizations. While the trainings are all similar, CLD realizes the vast differences between middle and high school aged students; so they will slightly differ in their content. The middle school training will focus on self-care practices, while the high school training will focus more on how to have hard conversations and talk to friends who may be struggling. The parent training will focus on how children’s perception of harm and access influences their behavior, how parents can communicate about the importance of prescription drug safety, and inform about community support and resources. These trainings were developed as a base and are made so your organization can add local data or other stories/information that may be relevant. If you haven’t been trained in these yet, reach out to us and we can get you more information. Okay, now that you have some background… Let's get into our tips of using these in your community! Tip #1 Train your staff, community members, teachers and more! Each of these trainings are meant to be “Train the Trainer” trainings. Meaning, if you’ve been trained then you can train others on using the content too! Each of the trainings comes with a PowerPoint with speaker notes and everything you would need to feel confident teaching this material. The possibilities are endless with who you could train with this information and the more people you will reach. Tip #2 Use an already existing meeting to train community members! It’s totally not necessary to create an entirely new meeting just to train on this material, although that would be cool too, but you could also work it into an existing coalition meeting or team meeting that’s already on everyone’s calendar. Make it a goal to just train the parent content or just train the middle school content, you don’t have to do them all in one setting. Tip #3 Make a plan for who you’ll train, where you’ll train them and what you want them to do after. Okay okay, we’re planners around here, but really!! This part is so important. Make a list with your team or have one of your committees work on one. Having a plan of who, where and what will help integrate adding the Pursuing Wellness Series into your work seamlessly! BONUS Tip Have fun with it! ;) This series is full of interactive and informative content so have fun with it, enjoy learning and teaching this to folks who might be new to overall wellness. If you do something particularly exciting, make sure to let us know! Post it on social media and tag us or send it to us in an email. If you have any questions about the Pursuing Wellness content, reach out to us. We are more than happy to give you the support you need. Now… go train! If you haven’t been trained in the Pursuing Wellness content and would like more information, please reach out to